NICA Compliance with Section 93 (Transparency Seal) of Republic Act No. 10155

I. NICA Mandate,Officials and Contact Information

II. Annual Financial Reports

      A. FAR No. 1 : SAAOBDB

      B. Summary Report on Disbursements

     C. BAR No.1 : Annual Physical Report of Operation/Physical Plan

     D. FAR No.5 : Quarterly Report on Revenue and Other Receipts

     E. Financial Plan 

III. DBM Approved Budget and Corresponding Targets

IV. Projects, Programs and Activities, Beneficiaries, and Status of Implementation for FY2019 (Not Applicable) 

V. Annual Procurement Plan

VI. QMS Certification of at least one core process by an International Certifying Body (ICB)

VII. Systems of Ranking  Delivery Units

VIII. SALN Compliance and Procedure

IX. Freedom of Information